Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am back at last. Been busy making clothes and embroidering a quilt for step granddaughters who live in the Phillipines. They have just added a new step great grandson. I made a quilt and embroidered some 'onesies' for him. Tough learning experience embroidering on t-shirt fabric. Had to actually get out my 'Sulky' book and follow the directions step by step.

The towel I was working on for my friend is coming along. My first stitch out did ok but finally got engulfed with the nap of the towel. I may have to redesign it to be less narrow. I am doing better at designing my own embroideries. I have managed to really simplify my drawings so it doesn't try to put too many stitches on them. I tried one of my own for the baby quilt but couldn't get it simple enough. Finally, I went with commercial ones.

My newest goody is Electric Quilt 6. It's a dream. I designed the baby quilt on it as my first design. I was able to scan the fabrics into a library and then use them for my blocks. It was fun and quick. I could reposition the blocks for the amount of fabric I had and color combination. I know there are more complicated things to do on it but haven't had the time yet. I was hoping to design some blocks for my art quilts. It will also let me design any piecing or applicates. It then tells you how much fabric you will need and also gives you the piecing templates. Much easier to use than Amazing Designs embroidery. Although, I am not giving up yet.

I tried making a reconstructed sweat shirt for St. Patricks day. It was awful. It sagged and fit oddly. I did keep the embroidery I put on it. I cut it out, stabilized it and applicated it onto another sweat shirt. I them free motion stitched around the designed. I was much happier with the results. Just in time for St. Pat's.

I did not stay with Ruby Lane. I just wasn't keeping up with new designs and no sales also helped my decision to leave.

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