Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dyeing iron on stabilizer


I went on line thinking that some one would come up with a solution for dyeing iron-on stabilizer. I wanted to stabilize a piece of silk that I did not want to dye. I like the new 'tender touch' stabilizer by "Sulky" but did not want that bright white showing through my silk. I thought, I wonder if it is possible to dye the stabilizer and not lose the stabilizing glue? I went on line and Googled dyeing stabilizer..... nothing. I then went to "Sulky's" site and they had nothing about dyeing stabilizer. So, since I am supposed to be into experimenting, I decided to see for myself if you could dye it and not lose the iron-on ability. I then dyed it and let it dry. The hue was not very strong. But it did change the garishness of the stabilizer. Now for the final test. I cut pieces and ironed them onto my silk. The glue dots seemed to still be there..... It worked!!. Not as firmly as the original but it worked. It stuck. I had managed to stabilized the silk without losing the hand and now could sew it on to the purse I am making and not have that garish white showing through. I was going to add some small embroidery on the silk also for more decoration. So, being stabilized will help them easier to put on the silk.

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  1. great idea! wondering if you've ever tried the woven-type of iron on stabilizer, it's made of rayon, so it should take the dye well. i think it used to be an "htc" product, but is now made by pellon. sorry, the name escapes me, but i know we carry it at the joann's where i work...