Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things are changing a lot

It has been a long time away from here for me. I realize that I need to get back to experimenting and blogging. I have been way-laid by cleaning and cooking. Some experiments and some just putting up my summer harvest. I entered some of my jewelry in the Sonoma County Fair this summer. Got four blue ribbons (first place) and one red ribbon (second place) on my entries.

I finished the painting of my dogs. It got a blue ribbon (first place, mixed media).

Since I lost my older female, Princess Snowwhite, it has become a favorite and non salable. She passed away from cancer. We miss her but have since added another female, Shasta. She has been keeping us very very busy. She is more active than Snowwhite ever thought of being.

I tried some Quilting art. It was the piece that got a red ribbon(second place) in the Fair. It started as a silk painting of a butterfly on a flower. I then free motion stitched around the butterfly and the butterfly. Leaving some space to show the silk painting still underneath. I was happy with my first attempt at free motion stitching. I like the affect of working on the silk fabric. I think I may try another on silk. I have since found that an English artist, Alison Holt also paints on silk and then free motions flowers and landscapes on it. Her under-painting is less detailed than mine.

The other pieces entered in the Fair are as follows: A pair of earrings called Cleopatra's Veil. (first place) A necklace which started as a vintage 'Star' bracelet (first place). A bracelet created just for the entry in the Fair (first place) Finally, a necklace set (no award)

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